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Unfortunately, deaf and hard of hearing individuals can face some difficulties when trying to find employment. Discrimination, ignorance of the general public, and a lack of access to reasonable accommodations has been a problem. Today, however, anti-discrimination laws and advocacy groups are working to make it easier than ever for the deaf community to get employed. The internet and email have opened up work at home job possibilities while video relay services and closed captioning help to eliminate barriers in the workplace, allowing deaf individuals access to most of the same jobs that hearing individuals do. Those who want to work with the deaf community can also find careers interpreting American Sign Language.

For individuals suffering from hearing loss the key to finding employment is knowing where to look. Take advantage of general job search tips, guides, and updated deaf news to stay competitive. You can also use job search engines that exclusively list jobs open to the deaf community to help eliminate some of the barriers of finding and succeeding in a chosen career.

Job Guidance, Tips, and Educational Information for the Deaf Community

  • Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation: The National Association of the Deaf works to increase employment opportunities for the deaf and hard of hearing community. Information on reasonable accommodations, federal employment, discrimination, and vocational rehabilitation is provided.
  • National Technical Institute for the Deaf: The first technical college created to accommodate deaf and hard of hearing students provides help to students and graduates during the job search. Tips to use before, during, and after the job search covers: resume writing, dressing professionally, contacting employers, networking, and much more.
  • Working Effectively with People: This guide provides information useful to deaf and hard of hearing individuals or to potential employers. Specific data covered includes the impact of hearing loss at work, the types of jobs available, job availability, and accommodations to enhance communication.
  • How to Find and Keep a Job!: The Wisconsin Office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing has created this guide to provide aid on finding employment, preparing for interviews, rights under the law, and job accommodations.
  • Career Interest and Education Services: Created for deaf and hard of hearing individuals graduating high school and entering the work force, this guide provides self-assessments and career matching direction.

Job Openings for the Deaf Community

  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association: For those interested in pursuing a career as a speech-language pathologist, audiologist, and other careers related to hearing disorders, this site offers information on market trends, employment settings, job search tips, and jobs available at the national office.
  • Hearing Exchange: Post your resume online to be viewed by potential employers.
  • Deaf Jobs: Quickly search for jobs open to deaf individuals.
  • Deaftek.USA   This comprehensive resource offers job openings to the deaf community in a number of categories including: jobs from deaf agencies, interpreters, mental health, and businesses.  
  • Gallaudet University: Gallaudet University is the only school in the world that has designed all of its programs and services to accommodate deaf and hard of hearing individuals. The school offers over 40 major choices and offers a number of job openings in everything from secretarial positions to university faculty.
  • TerpJobs: Those seeking sign language and interpreting jobs can view recent job postings from around the nation at this site. 
  • Deaf Education Database: Post resumes, review deaf news, and search job openings by communication modality or category, and more.

For members of the deaf community, the job search may be a little more challenging but being deaf or hard of hearing does not have to be a hindrance! Get creative, take advantage of state resources available, improve your education, and network with others in your situation to get employed.