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Deaf Queer Resource Center

The Deaf Queer Resource Center is a national non-profit resource and information center. This is "the place" to find the most comprehensive and accurate information about the Deaf Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community.

The Rainbow Bridge

Webpage linking deaf & hearing queers

Bailiwick Repertory Theatre

Since 1982, Bailiwick has been a daring leader of Chicago's off-Loop theater movement. Plays at the Bailiwick Arts Center embrace the wide diversity of our community. You will see works by classic authors, new plays and musicals by Chicago authors, Holiday plays for the entire family, works performed by deaf artists, the plays and performance pieces in our Pride Series and Lesbian Theater Initiative, late night comedy, improv, and more.

The original deaflinx.com site was written and authored by Amy Frasu. Deaf Linx is now run by Ericka Wiggins. Here are the Facebook and Twitter pages for Deaf Linx.