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DeafBlogs.net is a central directory for Deaf weblogs. The site is updated periodically to list the newest Deaf blogs as they are submitted.

Deaf Progressivism Vlog


Joey Baer's Vlog

"Best my, your, our opinion in ASL" - Joey Bear's award winning site that posts ASL video blogs, aka vlogs. Deaf views about culture, deaf education, Gallaudet, and more.

Sean Berdy’s Vlog


Eric Babb’s Vlog


Kiss-Hand ASL (David Anthony Martin’s vlog about teaching ASL)


Bob’s Vlog (vlogs/interviews by the interim president of Gallaudet University – Robert Davila)


Alternative Solutions Center (ASC) – Deafhood and Feminism


DeafRead.com Vlog

Where are the Deaf minority blogs?


Gallaudet Students, Speak Your Mind! An open forum to discuss Gallaudet, the Gallaudet community, the Gallaudet experience, sharing, and inquiries.

Deaf Rights Equal Now

People with ANY type of hearing loss are encouraged to sign up; those who are Deaf, deafened, hard of hearing, hearing impaired, or any type of hearing loss. Topics on ASL, LSQ, BSL, Auslan and any type of sign language in use are accepted. Topics followed are Discrimination, Audism, Advocacy, Human Rights Cases, Rights and Action-based solutions. This is a serious, mature, respectful site run by anonymous mediators. No spams allowed. Must become a member to enter and have access to post messages.


DeafDC.com's mission is to provide access to information, resources and bottom-line benefits for deaf and hard of hearing professionals living in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and around the world. In addition to our DeafDC Blog, we are also the home of the official Deaf Professional Happy Hour (DPHH)®.

DeafNotes.com Discussion Board

An online community forum about Deafness - general topics, communication, education, controversies, families & friends, cultural & community topics, legal & medical issues, and notes from all over

Deaf's World Chat Room

Deaf's World Chat Room is for everybody, Deaf & Hard of Hearing & Hearing people from around the world are welcome to chat with us. (Most chatters arrive after 8 pm Eastern time zone).


Deaftimes.com was created to be a tool used by people with news, event announcements, things for sale, and anything you would find in a newspaper. We have opportunities for local Deaf News to operate from this site, whether it is a local club, statewide or national organization news by one individual or many.

The original deaflinx.com site was written and authored by Amy Frasu. Deaf Linx is now run by Ericka Wiggins. Here are the Facebook and Twitter pages for Deaf Linx.