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Beasley Travel Cruises and Tours

The Friendly Traveler provides great vacation discounts through volume booking. Our destinations include Cruises, Ski trips, Caribbean get-a-ways, Dive packages, Florida funscapes, and much much more.

Costa Rica Deaf Travel

Costa Rica, a country full of beaches, active volcanoes, and tropical jungles with a huge variety of animals and vegetation, invites you to enjoy marvelous vacations with tours and adventures specially designed for the needs of the deaf, hard of hearing, and late deafened.


DEAF, HARD-OF-HEARING, AND HEARING ARE ALL INVITED! If you are hearing, you are not "required" to be with the deaf population, but it would be a GREAT way to experience deaf culture!


Specialist in Deaf Cruise for among Deaf traveler community.  We have over 9,000 Deaf people interested in cruises and handle vast of Cruise programs.

Hands on Italia

Hands On Italia is a service dedicated to providing travelers with the best that Italia has to offer. We are opposed to the idea of mass tourism. Instead, we provide an experience which allows travelers to get "their hands on Italia", delighting every one of their senses in fascinating and interactive programs that give them deeper appreciations of this special country. Every segment of this service is accessible in sign language so that there will not be any "Could you speak more slowly?" sentences uttered. Everybody's hands will be free to say what they wish. This service is entirely run by deaf people who love Italia and are motivated to show you why Italia is a country that is worth visiting again, again, and... again.

World Deaf Holiday

World Deaf Holiday offers a real summer holiday for deaf and hard of hearing people, also for hearing people who know or want to learn the sign language. Our goal is to give these people THE chance to meet a lot of sign users from all the world in an exotic relaxed atmosphere. The current available languages are English, Francais, Deutsch, Espanol, Dutch, and soon International Sign and other languages will follow.

Worldwide Dive and Sail

Language is not a barrier at Worldwide Dive and Sail as the team are multilingual speaking English, Dutch, Swedish, German, French, Spanish and Thai. Whatever your experience, wherever you come from and whatever language you speak, you will be made welcome and guaranteed a great trip. Many Deaf people from around the world have enjoyed this service.