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Assistive Equipment

Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program Association

National association site with links to each state program for distribution of free telecommunications equipment (teletypewriters - TTYs) to people with disabilities

Sorenson Communications

Find out about videophone technology relay services. Deaf and hard of hearing individuals can apply for a free VP-100 or VP-200.

Harris Communications

Keeping you in touch with assistive products designed for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Extensive catalog with assistive devices, books, videos, novelty items, and more


Our goal is to provide a comfortable and secure shopping experience complete with easy order processing and full customer satisfaction. We also feature a large selection of quality products from major manufacturers and publishers including Ultratec, Ameriphone, Sonic Alert, Evergreen Gifts and Jewelry, ARM Computers, Gallaudet University Press, Dawn Sign Press, and many others. We sell books, videos, electronics, toys & games, novelties, apparel, tickets. etc.


From TTYs to closed caption decoders, books, videos, and sign language gifts, we are the largest distributor in the Rocky Mountain region of products for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing; VISA/MasterCard/Discover Accepted ~ Gift Certificates Available ~ TTY Repair Service Quarterly Updates ~ We Ship Anywhere!


Deaf's Next Generation Emporium


Hearmore offers products for deaf, hard of hearing, & deaf-blind. TTY, TDD, alert systems, hearing aids, amplification devices, vco, ASL, vibrators, door sensors, aids, sign language & more

Weitbrecht Communications, Inc.

Assistive technology, including TTYs, amplified phones, signaling devices and much more

Ultratec, Inc.

Manufacturer of text telephones (TTY), amplified phones and alerting devices

HITEC Group International

Hard of Hearing, Deaf, mobility, speech, vision, commercial products, ADA compliance, news, events & info

Sonic Alert

Visual Alerting Systems

Silent Communications, Inc.

Silent Communications, Inc. is a Deaf owned business based out of Miami, Florida offering products for deaf and hard of hearing individuals all over the world. Products include books, clocks, gifts, jewelry, phone, and notification systems.

Barr Productions

Hearing and Vision Products: Alerting, Books, Videos, Multimedia, Clocks, Watches, Clothes, Headsets, Learning ASL, Listening Devices, Novelties,Gifts, Telephones, TTY.

Other Technology


Educational and fun TV program for deaf children. The first web and television series in which American Sign Language is the primary language used.

Deaf Initiative in Information Technology (DIIT)

The Deaf Initiative in Information Technology is a project of the Applied Computer Technology Department, of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at the Rochester Institute of Technology). They offer trainings (in ASL) about Net Security, Dream Weaver, HTML, hardware, Flash, wireless, networking, ColdFusion, JavaScript, etc. to high school teachers of deaf students. (The teachers may be deaf, hard-of-hearing, or hearing.)

Crazy Technologies

One of the deaf-owned business leading web hosting and designing -- Let us help you and we go crazy for you!

Deaf Vision

Website design and hosting

Sharky Hosting

Deaf company - we offer website hosting and website designs at great price. Try us!!!

Listening Devices & Hearing Impaired Devices- Hearing Amplifier

Hearing aids and amplifiers offer the hearing impaired the ability to listen to the sounds of life with ease. According to an article, titled Assistive Technology for Hearing Impaired published on the Walden University website, “Increased levels of technology have opened up new options in education for the hearing impaired …”

These listening devices range from traditional hearing aids from analog to digital to Assistive Listening Devices or ALDs which include simple things like a vibrating alarm clock as well as more advanced systems such as a personal frequency modulation(FM) system. As the American Speech Language Association describes it, “Hearing aids + ALDs = Better listening and better communication!

Here are some important resources on listening devices and hearing amplifiers.

  1. Hearing Aid Facts: A detailed document on how to purchase a hearing device and things to look out for.
  2. Hearing Aids FAQs: A comprehensive FAQ list on using and buying a listening device.
  3. Using Assistive Listening Devices: Detailed information on types of listening devices and how to best use them.
  4. Assistive Listening Device Companies: A comprehensive list of links to companies that manufacture listening devices and hearing amplifiers.
  5. Hearing Impaired Devices: Product listing of a range of hearing impaired devices, including listening systems and hearing aid products.
  6. Hearing Aid Reviews and Comparisons: A comprehensive review of 44 different hearing devices. Includes video links as well as links to buying tips, checklists and other important information.
  7. Hearing Aid Manufacturers: A list of links for manufacturers of hearing impaired devices.
  8. Assistive Listening Devices for Classrooms and Theaters: Detailed description of assistive listening devices and how to use them in a theater or classroom. Also includes a listing of manufacturers and suppliers of listening devices for classrooms and theaters  
  9. Guide to Hearing Devices: A detailed description of hearing loss, signs and evaluation as well as types, styles and technology of hearing aids and listening devices.
  10. Hearing Aid Product Range: Product listing and comparison chart of hearing devices offered by Widex. 
  11. Listening Devices Product Range: Product listing of hearing aids and listening devices offered by Phonak. 
  12. Assistive Devices for Kids: A description of listening devices that can make life easier for children with hearing impairment.  
  13. Assistive Listening Devices for Elderly: Description of assistive listening devices that can be used by the elderly. 
  14. Digital Listening Devices for Kids: A description of the technology and digital hearing aids that can be used for kids.