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Deaf People in Canada

Canadian Association of the Deaf

Canadian Association of the Deaf is a national advocacy organization, protecting and promoting the rights, needs and concerns of Deaf Canadians.

Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf

The Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf was developed to allow Deaf people to work together for Deaf people. It is our goal to maintain and effectively demonstrate that Deaf people are no less able than anyone else. (On the contrary, being Deaf has many advantages).

The Canadian Hearing Society

The Canadian Hearing Society provides services that enhance the independence of deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people, and that encourage prevention of hearing loss.

South-East New Brunswick Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Inc.

A non-profit, charitable agency that serves and advocates on behalf of the Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing community in south-eastern New Brunswick; mission is to empower clients to live independently and productively, with full access to opportunities that are readily available to persons who hear

Canadian Association of Independent Living Centres

Working to empower people with disabilities and to remove barriers so that responsible, self-reliant people with disabilities can assume risks, make choices and contribute as they wish

The British Columbia Provincial School for the Deaf

In conjunction with Burnaby South Elementary and Secondary schools, this Canada center presents contact info and program and department profiles.