Deaf American Indians

Intertribal Deaf Council

The Intertribal Deaf Council is a non-profit organization of Deaf and Hard of Hearing American Indians whose goals are similar to many Native American organizations. The IDC promotes the interests of its members by fostering and enhancing their cultural, historical and linguistic tribal traditions. The council gathers not only to discuss issues related to the social, educational, economic and environmental well-being of its members but also strives to provide useful information on human rights and resources for solutions.

Storystones.com for Deaf Native American Children

Nothing means more to deaf children than having a friend who can speak their own language. Deaf children “talk” with their hands and “hear” with their eyes. Children love action and adventure and are fascinated with sign language and “secret communication.”

Deaf Native American Indian Reading List

List compiled by University of Arkansas Rehabilitation Research and Training Center for Persons who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing