Deaf Linx is your resource for information on deafness, deaf culture, American Sign Langauge (ASL) and all other related topics. Deaf Linx firmly believes that deafness is not a disability, but a condition that produces a sub-culture that should be celebrated. Many people are unaware of all the accomplishments that deaf individuals have made and the unique ways in which they have come together to create a distinctive identity. Whether you are a deaf person or someone with hearing loss, looking for other individuals in your area, or you just want to learn about deaf culture or deaf society, our resources on deafness are for you.

We understand that many visitors want to learn all they can about American Sign Language (ASL), so they can communicate with deaf friends, family, and business associates. We offer American Sign Language resource and learning materials just for that reason. Deaf Linx visitors have knowledge right at their fingertips, including American Sign Language resources. On Deaf Linx you can find ASL Classes or American Sign Language Interpreting Agencies, as well as various other ASL Resources, such as ASL Dictionaries, Informative Facts and other Resources to help you practice your American Sign Language skills.

Deaf Linx is designed to be a one-stop shop for legal deaf cultural resources, American Sign Language (ASL) resources, deaf education, and deaf services. Health care, government assistance, real estate access, insurance, and travel also may create issues that uniquely affect deaf people and their families. There are many resources available here to help you find the information and programs that can greatly improve the deaf community, as well to help deaf individuals and their friends and family navigate all of the concerns that may arise in these areas. Whether you were born deaf, suffer from degenerative hearing, or are the parent or loved one of a deaf child, Deaf Linx has valuable information to help you find the information you are looking for.

Ensuring that deaf children receive a quality education is also a significant concern in the deaf community, and we want to help ensure that every parent of a deaf child is able to find a school that can accommodate their son or daughter. Dealing properly with deaf issues that can occur in families that have one or more deaf children is also important, and we have many resources to help you navigate the challenges that come with raising a deaf child.

We invite you to visit Deaf Linx and to browse the websites and resources that are listed to educate users about the deaf community and gain a better understanding of American Sign Language (ASL).

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